Shkoder - Shurdhah

Short description:

Shurdhah (sometime, Sarda) was founded around IXthcentury and flourished until the XVth century of which ran more like a typical medieval town. Two walls were surrounding respectively the lower and upper city, which together reached a total area of 48 acres. His great richness were 365 churches, where on every day of the year, the Masses were held at different altars serving as an annual calendar.
If this whole antic town laid on a hill, nowadays it remains an island under the waters of Vau Deja artificial Lake since 1965-1970 when it was built due to the power plant.



1. Departure from City Center cycling, -60min,

2. Break at Rragam Village (coffee) -30min,

3. Hiking to the small harbor of Vau Dejes Lake - (10 min),

4. Boating to Shurdhah archeological site -50min,

5. Tour Guide at Shurdhah Island and relaxing in the middle of the water by enjoying the amazing landscape of hills -60min,

6. Traditionally fishing with rods -80min,

7. Boating to the public beach -10min,

8. Lunch with grilled bio food (sunbathing and swimming) -150min,

9. Cycling back at home -70min.



3-5 persons, 30euro/tour (1 guide)

6-10 persons, 25 euro/tour and 11-15 persons, 20 euro/tour (2 guides)

Bike rent 15 euro/bike (helmet or hat)

Services (included) - Grilled bio food, - Coffee, - Immediate health service, - Leaflet (map and details) Take with Mountain shoes, swimsuit, and sun cream

A set of postcards from Shurdhah -50 cent/postcard