Shkoder - Gajtan - Rragam

Short description:

Gajtani cave is located 11 km away from Shkoder and it belongs to the middle Paleolithic period (from 100,000 to 30,000 years BC) and it is found the traces of Neanderthal within. To date, these are the earliest traces of human life in the Shkoder basin area. Besides near the Gajtan village, above a hill there is a square surrounded by a protective wall with a length of 90 m. This is the fortified prehistoric settlement of Gajtan, which dates back to the early Bronze Age and remains the only pure Illyrian place was not occupied by the civilizations onwards.




  1. Departure from City center cycling -50min,
  2. Break at Gajtan village (waterhole) -30min,
  3. Visiting the Gajtan Cave (Gajtan is one from two oldest settlements in Albania territory –Medium Paleolithic 100 000 – 30 000 years before Christ. At this time, the physical type of man was neanderthal’) -30min,
  4. Hiking at Gajtan town, a pure Illyrian archeological site, never occupied by other cultures. Cyclopic stones witness the ancient site since the VIIth century before Christ. From the top of the hill you can enjoy the Drin Valley, Vau Dejes lake, Shkoder Lake and Shkoder City. -60min,
  5. Coffee at Rragam village. -30min, 
  6. Going to the beach and sunbathing -120min, 
  7. Lunch with dishes cooked with products grown in their gardens, to the restaurant ‘Rinia’ -150min, 
  8. Coffee break -20min,
  9. Returning back at home -50min.


3-5 persons, 35 euro/tour (1 guide)

6-10 persons, 30 euro/tour and

11-15 persons, 25 euro/tour (2 guides)


Bike rent 15 euro/bike (helmet or hat)


Services (included) - Traditional food in restaurant, - Coffee, - Immediate health service, - Leaflet (map and details)

Take with mountain shoes, swimsuit, suncream

A set of postcards from Shkodra Lake -50 cent/postcard