Shkoder - Mes - Drisht

Short description:

Visit the ruins of the Drisht Castle (sometime, Drivastum) which is located about 10 km at Shkoder east, at Kir river valley.It was was one of the most magnificent town of Albania and North Highland in the Middle Ages (XIVth - XVth century), from where the high rate of development is proved by the 'Statutes’. The town was ruled by a proud nobility, from which we can mention the Angelic family.



1. Departure at City Center -50min cycling

2. Stop at Mes Bridge (cultural monument) -20min

3. Coffee break in Drisht village. View in front of Kir River -30 min

4. Hiking from Drisht village to Varosh (neighborhood of the archeological site) -20min

5. Break in Varosh -20min

6. Hiking at Drisht Castle, from where you can enjoy Albanian Alps and Kir river valley from north and Shkoder Lake, Adriatic Sea from south -60min

7. Lunch with grilled bio food (in open air, under oliven trees shade) -150min

8. Returning back at home -70min



3-5 persons, 30euro/tour (1 guide)

6-10 persons, 25 euro/tour and

11-15 persons, 20 euro/tour (2 guides)


Bike rent 10 euro/bike (helmet or hat)


Services (included) - Grilled bio food, - Coffee, - Immediate health service, - Leaflet (map and details) and a set of postcards from Drisht (for free),

Take with Mountain shoes, swimsuit, sunscreen