Day 02

1. Departure from City Center and

2. Break at Gajtan Village (waterhole),

3. Visiting the Gajtan Cave (Gajtan is one from two oldest settlements in Albania territory Medium Paleolithic 100 000 - 300 000 years b.c. At this time, the physical type of man was ‘Neanderthal’) -120min,

4. Hiking at Gajtan Town, a pure Illyrian archeological site, never occupied by other cultures. Cyclopes stones witness the ancient site since the VIIth century before Christ. From the top of the hill you can enjoy the Drin Valley, Shkoder Lake and the Shkoder city -120min,

5. Lunching at bar-restaurant ‘Rinia’ traditional dishes cooked by the products of their gardens -150min,

6. Tour at Rragam Church (offering a panoramic view on the Vau Dejes Lake, the hills and the villages) -60min,

7. Dinning at the guesthouse dishes cooked by themselves with the produces cultivated by the local farmers -180min.