Shkoder - Shirq

Short description:
Shirq Church is located on the right of Dajç village along the Buna River, and dates from the VIth century as a dedication to the two martyrs of the Byzantine Church, Serçi and Baku, whose tombs are located near the Euphrates River in Asia. Historians claim that the church has been the favorite place of the marriage celebration of the Albanian and Montenegrin princes. The architecture of the church is a mixture of Romanesque with Gothic style. Till 200 years ago, Shirq Church has maintained its full form, but then it was gradually destroyed by landslides and the flow of Buna River.



1. Departure from City Center -50min cycling,

2. Stop at Shirq Church (monument) -40min,

3. Coffe break at the bar (located at Belaj lookout) -30min,

4. Cycling at Bregica public beach -20min,

5. Swimming and sunbathing at Bregica beach -120min,

6. Lunch with grilled bio food. The view is stuning and you can enjoy Buna River, as frontier between Albania and Montengro -the green of the hills and the water -90min,

7. Swimming and sunbathing at Bregica beach -60min,

8. Returning back at home -70min.

9. Coffee break at a bar in front of Shkoder Lake where the Buna River stems (at the pedestrian) -30min



3-5 persons, 35euro/tour (1 guide)

6-10 persons, 30 euro/tour and

11-15 persons, 25 euro/tour (2 guides)

Bike rent 15 euro/bike (helmet or hat)

Services (included) – Fish at restaurants + one drink, - Coffee, - Immediate health service, - Leaflet (map and details) Take with swimsuit, and sun cream

A set of postcards from Buna River -50 cent/postcard