Shkoder Lake (Shiroke - Zogaj)

Short description:

Nowadays, Shiroka and Zogaj are neighborhoods of Shkoder municipality, located in the southwestern shore of Shkodra Lake, at the foot of Tarabosh Mountain. Shiroka, as an old settlement, it was called Skirosi in the first quarter of the XVIIth century. It is a place of culture and tradition, which has grown up bright minds that made their names in history and art. These two neighborhoods are well known for fishing and 'carp fish' is the traditional dish which is served in ceramic plate in restaurants across the area.


1. Departure from City Center -30min cycling

2. Break at Shiroka Village (located at the Shkoder lake coast) -30min

3. Cycling at Zogaj Village (located at Shkoder Lake shore)-20min

4. Short break -10 min

5. Visit at wood carpet workshop. Rose Juice -60min

6. Fishing with the fishermen, inhabitants from Zogaj

7. Lunch with grilled bio food (sunbathing and swimming at Shkoder Lake). The view is stuning and you can enjoy the panorama of Alps and the blue of the great blue space in between sky and water -180min

8. Coffee break in small café building in front of the Lake -30min

9. Returning back at home -50min



3-5 persons, 35euro/tour (1 guide)

6-10 persons, 30 euro/tour and 11-15 persons, 25 euro/tour (2 guides)


Bike rent 15 euro/bike (helmet or hat)

Services (included) – Carp dish at restaurants + one drink, - Coffee, - Immediate health service, - Leaflet (map and details) Take with swimsuit, and sun cream

A set of postcards from Shkodra Lake -50 cent/postcard