Shkoder Lake

Shkoder Lake is located in northwestern Albania and is the largest lake in the entire Balkan Peninsula, with an area of 368 hectares. The lake is shared between Albania and Montenegro, of which 149 hectares and 57 km of shoreline fall within the Albanian territory. According to local legend, there was only a small brook fed by a water spring where the lake is today. One evening a young woman who was collecting water at the spring received the news that her husband had just returned home after years of traveling abroad. She jumped up for joy and ran home, forgetting to put back the rocks that blocked the water from running. The water flowed the whole night and the next day the Shkodra Lake was created. In reality, the lake is sourced by the Mora?a River, and drains into the Adriatic via the Bojana River.




Buna River & Velipoja

Buna is a 41 km long river and outflows from Shkoder Lake. The river passes on the southern outskirts of Shkoder city by joining the Great Drin, the greater part of which became its tributary. After 20 kilometers in Albania, it forms the 24 km long border between Albania and Montenegro. On this border section, the river meanders widely, flowing at Adriatic Sea (Velipoja). This area is protected by Law in 2005, and as Ramsar with the Shkoder Lake.





Kir River

Kir River about 52 km long springs from the Albanian Alps, crosses Dukagjin, Postribe and arrives in Shkoder joining the Drin River. Behind smooth hills it is perceived Cukal Mountain with a rare natural beauty.




Vau Dejes Lake

Vau Dejes Lake is an artificial lake formed by the hydroelectric dam (surface 24,7 km²) which is fed and drained by the river Drin. It was created during the communist regime in 1971 due to the two main hydropowers constructed in this zone. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is 70 metres.




Thethi National Park

Thethi National Park covers an area of 2,630 hectares and is situated 70 km away from Shkoder. This area is called the Accursed Mountains (Bjeshkët e Namuna), located in Albanian Alps and features several mountain peaks over 2500 meters height. Thethi is a tourist – alpinist region and the most important tourist center of the northern Albania. Within the territory of Theth National Park and its surroundings there are about 170 caves and semi caves, of which 10 caves are of international category.




Shkreli Regional Park

Shkreli Regional Park covers an area of 20 282hectars and gas a vertical extent 200-2400m above the sea level and very rich in flora and fauna. It is the fate of Albanian Alps and close to Theth National Park.