GO2_NGO was established in Sept 2012 by a group of young Shkodrans (habitants from northern Albanian city, Shkoder) run by Mr. Jozef Zullaert, a Belgian senior expert on cycling. Its mission stands for a sustainable (urban) mobility in general and a walking and cycling culture in particular.

Therefore promote active, clean, healthy and energy efficient mobility in cities and regions of Albania, and in the region. One of the approaches is getting developed in ecotourism, since Shkoder has 29% of its population cyclists and it happens only by their culture of movement and not at all by the investments done by public funds.

Therefore one of the organization goals remains the assessment of “bicycle” not only as a mean of transportation in everyday life, but also as one intangible cultural heritage and a good asset for the development of cycling tourism. So, it is creating a 'brand' for the tourism of the area.

European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) is an umbrella federation for national cycling organizations throughout Europe. Its main goal is to promote cycling and enforce European cycling policy in the transport&tourism sectors. “GO2” is one of the ECF’s 82 members and the only one from Albania. 

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EuroVelo is a European cycle route network comprised of 14 corridors with a total length of 70,000 km which connect and unite all of Europe. Albania became part of this partnership (42 countries) in January 2014 with “GO2” as a coordinating organization. The project maintains a focus on Sustainable Tourism and is co-founded by the European Commission and is coordinated by the European Cyclist’s Federation.

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